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Tribe 228 is a fashionable clothing label providing stylish, well-tailored clothes for the modern-day individual. All designs are inspired by the rich African culture and integrate the African legacy through design.  With the liberty of modern-day fashion, Tribe 228 stands out due to its modern designs, timeless styling, and infusion of African motifs and patterns in contemporary and novel clothing attires and set-pieces. Superior quality, local production practices, and premium fabrics, Tribe 228 aims to leave a mark in the modern clothing industry.

With designers present in Togo, (West Africa) Tribe 228 provides fashion heritage and infuses superior craftsmanship, eccentric designs, African colors, and patterns to deliver contemporary clothing and attires. Currently, Tribe 228 offers exceptional clothing that aims to satisfy the stylish and contemporary needs of modern-day women.  It’s all about the precise infusion of the legacy of African designs, contemporary art, and natural aesthetics to deliver gorgeous set pieces and attires plus the stylish and tribal accessories filled with African art and visuals. Tribe 228 transcends the different cultures of the world. Tribe’s clothing line is the epitome of uniqueness and modernity while staying true to the roots and elegant fabrics.